October is National Physical Therapy Month

Since 1992, National Physical Therapy Month has recognized the positive impact of physical therapy for those who have suffered severe conditions. Many seniors who have suffered falls resulting in fractures or sprains. They have experienced the stages of recovery with excellent results.

While physical therapy involves the restoration of mobility, there are several benefits of physical therapy.

Surgical Prevention

Many individuals suffering from low back pain experience a reduction in pain. Muscle spasms are a common problem among adults. Physical therapy helps to strengthen the muscle to prevent any further damage.

Improve Balance

As we age, we are more prone falls. The loss of balance occurs as a result of weakening muscles. Physical therapy exercises target core muscle groups for strengthening.

Manage Existing Conditions

Patients suffering form Chronic Heart Disease and Respiratory illnesses, benefit from physical therapy as it helps clear the lungs of fluid and strengthen the heart from further decline.

Stroke Recovery Treatment

Many stroke victims suffer from hemiplegia (paralysis of one of sided) resulting in the inability to walk and grasp objects. Physical Therapy is a core component of the healing process, especially when implemented on a consistent basis. Many patients experience improvement their ability to walk within three months or less.

Pain Reduction and Elimination

Treatments such as soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, and electrical stimulation can relieve pain and restore function.  This is can reduce the reliance on opioids in the treatment of pain.

This month, The American Physical Therapy Associations is educating the public on the dangers of opioid use. Opioid use has quadrupled since 1999. With this increase, we have also, sadly, seen an increase in the number of deaths. Take a money and check out this excellent Opioid Awareness Campaign Toolkit and the #ChoosePT campaign on social media.


Also, if you have benefited from physical therapy, we’d love to hear you story! Let us know how it has benefited you below!

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